Venice - General Information

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Venice - General Information


Floating like blue sea in a dream, Venice is as beautiful and romantic as seen in the guide books and movies, so it's likely that anyone who have decided to spend a holiday in Venice, will have a great time.


The squares and singing gondoliers, the impressive buildings and boats on water are must to see, where travelers admire the most and take their photographs.


In reference to its majesty, wisdom and power, this city was strong bond for trading goods between Europe and the East for centuries.


Its monuments are delightfully idiosyncratic and products are exotic blends Byzantine, Gothic and in Renaissance Architecture.



The bright sunlight and silvery mist soften every point of view, and then you will understand why the town became famous during the Renaissance with artists.


And whether you are going first time, third time or tenth time, there will always be something new for you to discover. In fact, even the most seasoned visitors get lost in the labyrinthine network of islands, bridges, pedestrian streets and canals beauty.


You will enjoy by wandering the streets, exploring the small art museums, shopping at the stalls, and find the side of Venice a fascinating amalgam of Roman, Byzantine influences Ottoman and Italian around every corner.


To better guide, keep in mind that Venice is divided into six zones: San Marco, Dorsoduro, San Polo, Santa Croce, Cannaregio and Castello.



Yet it is possible to walk across town in less than an hour. Although no strict divisions, each zone is characterized in different ways: Dursoduro is the university district, Cannaregio is known for its historic ghetto, San Marcos has the Basilica and the square, probably one of the most famous squares in the world, San Polo is a quiet area where locals live and do hang out, Castello has beautiful Giardini and the Biennale (Arts Festival of Venice); and Santa Croce is close to the station.


Venice is the only European city (and one of the few in the world) in which public transport is fully aquatic. The main canal, the Canal Grande, has an "S", which means that if you travel from San Marco to Rialto by boat, you will take double distance to reach there.


The Grand Canal has only three bridges, but at certain points along the same can hire boat to cross the strait of water, for saving your so much time.


While visting the Venice, do not go only to the famous and obvious places such as the Basilica of San Marco, the Palazzo Ducale, the Peggy Guggenheim Collection and the Accademia Galleries.



Also visit lovely but less known places like Ca 'Rezzonico, Ca' Pesaro, the Basilica of Santa Maria della Salute and Arsenal, all of which will give you a special view of the city.


At lunchtime, Venice has a variety of restaurants, with the best of those away from the tourist spots. Where you can reach by car or public transport, for instant booking go to the car hire website on the internet.


Among the many culinary delights you'll find dishes like bigoli, anchovy sauce and mushrooms, and castraure, small artichokes with parmesan cheese and olive oil.


Also you will find many good bars, mainly in the district of Dorsoduro, although there is a specific area where the nightlife is developed.


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